1. Cake Serves - cakes serves are estimated based on coffee serves which is a 1" x 1" sized cut, commonly called Coffee sized portions. This portion size is ideal to be served on platters or if you have other small desserts. If you are looking for a more generous portion size, known as Dessert sized serves (2" x 1" cuts) a larger sized cake will be needed to ensure that there is plenty to go around. Please feel free to contact us and we can advise the best size cake for your special occasion.

2. What is the best way to cut cakes? I am often asked what the best way to cut your cake, especially taller cakes. I recommend cutting a cake in square cuts (imagine a grid) and cut a 1" deep cut all the way down the face of the cake. push the whole slice onto a cutting board or flat plate, and then divide and cut smaller portions and distribute. Continue cutting with this way for the next 1" deep slice until the end. This method of cutting will ensure that you maximise your portions.

3. How do I keep/store the cake? If you are not eating the cake on the day of pickup, it is important that you store the cake appropriately.
Fondant covered cakes are best stored in a cool air-conditioned room. However these cakes mustn’t be refrigerated, as it will cause the icing to “sweat” when it is taken out of the refrigerator and returns to room temperature.
Buttercream cakes can be stored in a fridge with no odours (such as a bar fridge) prior to serving. Buttercream iced cakes are best eaten nice and soft at room temperature by removing from the fridge at least 45min-1hour before cutting.
After cutting, cakes can be stored in an air tight container in the fridge for up up to five days.

4. How do I transport my cakes? Single tier cakes are provided in an enclosed box on a cake board. The safest way to transport the cake is on the passenger side floor with the air-conditioning on and driving cautiously around corners, or held in the lap of a passenger. For larger wedding and celebration cakes, I can offer my delivery service based on availability for a fee.

5. Do you offer delivery? I do offer a delivery service, but this is limited to weddings and larger celebration cakes (with a fee) and my availability. Usually my clients will pickup from my home on weekend mornings before 11:00am or as discussed on the weekdays. My delivery fee is $50 for standard delivery to Sydney Metro.

6. Do you accept a deposit for orders? Only for wedding bookings over $400. All other orders need to be confirmed with full payment by bank transfer for full confirmation. I only take a limited number of orders per week so I based my schedule on payments received to secure your booking.

7. How much notice do you need to take a booking? I recommend 3 weeks as a minimum to place an order. As I have limited spots available each week for cake orders, the sooner you contact me about your cake, the better the chance that I can assist you with your order.

8. Do you copy other cake designs? You are welcome to provide in photos of cakes from other designers as part of an inspiration board, however I do not copy others’ designs. My designs are unique to Luxe Cakes & Co. If you give me a rough idea of the colour/theme/style then I will design a beautiful cake especially for your occasion.

9. Are you a “Nut-Free” kitchen? My Please be aware that my kitchen is NOT NUT-FREE even though most of my cakes don’t contain nuts in them.

10. Do you have a minimum order requirement? Please kindly note that I have a $165.00 plus GST minimum spend for cakes only. please refer to our menu and pricing page for more details on our indicative pricing.

11. Additional Features - If you would like additional features on the cake like gold or silver leaf, fresh blooms, handcrafted sugar flowers, acrylic cake topper, unicorn cake, etc - please let me know in the booking request form so I that I can quote you accordingly.